Turn smartphone into Invisible (spy) GPS Tracking device

  • Install app & track your phone online in real time
  • See phone's location on PC or another smartphone
  • Perfect for family & employees tracking
  • Get alerts, preview history etc.
  • Find lost or stolen phone
  • Only for Android smartphones
  • App is invisible on mobile screen (details below)
  • Track your phone even after it is restart

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Maxxetrac is happy to present high quality android tracking apps that can help to find a family member, lost phone or track a vehicle. GPS Tracker for an android can be used with Samsung, Sony, Nokia and other phone brands.

Want to follow your kid or husband, however you don’t want anyone to know that you are doing this? Understanding the concern, we kindly recommend to rely on our new and perfectly made app that is called hidden Mobile GPS Tracker. An android Tracking app that is actually hidden in yours and your following person phone can show the exact location, report when the person leaves home or goes somewhere else. Also, android GPS app appears as battery saver, so you do not need to worry that someone will see it. One more, the very similar Tracking app for android we offer is called invisible Mobile GPS Tracker. This amazing app can be downloaded on your phone that will ensure the safety of your family, phone itself, vehicle, pet or other stuff you care about. This GPS location android will also send real time notifications when someone will leave the geo zone you have marked, or when your kid will be missing. Available only for android, this GPS location app ensures personal safety, shows the exact location in real time and not to forget it can be used for fleet management. You can now control your company vehicles or employees work. Know their driving speed or their location. However, if you want to run your business even more carefully, we offer to download free SMS Gateway app to your smartphone and track your workers just from your phone.

For an android, we also offer a GPS family locator that is recognized as one of the best android tracking app. You are curious what this app is about? It has been created to make people track their family every day, every hour and most importantly on real time. With the help of this app you can not only track and android phone, but you can track your kids, best friends, mother and everyone else. GPS software for android has been created in the most comfortable way to all consumers, that the use of this app would become very easy and convenient.

Do not waste your time by searching your lost phone, looking for your kids or not answering employees in the ordinary way. Just get an tracking app for Android and make sure that things and people, who belong to you is safe.

Invisible / Spy Mobile GPS Tracking app for: personal use, family members, travelers, business etc.

Going together with the newest technologies, we present, updated mobile GPS tracker. Unlike the old version, now we offer an invisible product that is available to be used only with Android. The most special and important news about this thing, is as we have already mentioned before - its invisibility and the ability to rename this tracker making it look just as simple phone app. What we do, we change the real “Mobile GPS Tracker” name to “Device Settings” that nobody could even realize what this program is about. 
Since, after you use this app first time it suddenly removes from the launcher, do not forget to open it again and dial 8722227.
Download invisible GPS Tracking App totally for free and enjoy fast and easy phone tracking.

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• Real Time Tracking – track your phone online, view exact address and other info
• Geofence Alerts – get alerts when person arrives at work, school, home etc.
• Over Speed Alerts – get alerts if person is in vehicle over the speed limit that you consider safe.
• Recover Lost Phone – track and find lost or stolen phone
• History and Reports – view reports with: visited locations, distance traveled etc.
• Fleet Management – for business users

• Application gets location using GPS and AGPS
• Possibility to change tracking interval
• Possibility to change location accuracy settings